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Braga is charming, young and dynamic!


Considered one of the youngest cities in Europe, we live here with energy.

Bimilenar Bracara Augusta, rich in tradition and culture, is also a city full of life with a modern spirit.


Here are some suggestions for night spots where you can enjoy a nice socializing with friends and have a nice drink.


Discover the best of Braga at night!


 Setra is a bar that turns decoration into a stimulus for culture. Space full of Art, as well as its name indicates, if read the other way around.
The symbols of the century. XX in areas such as music, cinema, painting or literature, assert themselves in this space as a form of ornaments on their walls.
The music focuses on the 70's, 80's and 90's, as vintage decor would assume.

In Setra, you can see the rooftops of the surrounding and ancient city buildings from a view that is usually inaccessible.



A coffee bar overlooking the past!


Perched on a hill, looking out over a part of Braga, is the Colinatrum esplanade / café - appreciated by those who like to enjoy a landscape while having a drink, sitting down for lunch or dinner.






Open since 2008, Brac is a cosmopolitan and urban venue, host to various events such as cocktails, magazine presentations, jazz concerts in a lounge bar or dinners packed by live Brazilian popular music.




Oboé Restrobar

Oboé has a prime location, but that's not all that makes us recommend this Restrobar. It is here, over three floors, that the influences of the world unite with Portuguese flavors to provide memorable experiences for those who like to mix aromas and textures and to be surprised between conversations with friends, drinks and hours that fly without realizing it.




Rossio Bar

A name given in honor of the Rossio de Lisboa, gave life to one of the most welcoming bars in the city of Braga: Rossio, but of Braga Cathedral. After all there are no coincidences.

The place is comfortable and it is felt that care is taken to conserve this space in the home of the visitor.

The color is queen of this space, where reds and blues prevail, giving an oriental touch to a non-ethnic space.





Sources: bragacool.com


Sé La Vie

The epicenter of Braga's nightlife has yet another door open to culture in any shape and style. Xana and Palas opened the Sé La Vie, a space with live music that presents concerts and dj-sets every weekend.


With Palas having a strong connection to Portuguese music, as a member of the band from Braga, Smix Smox Smux, the space aims to be an opportunity, especially for those from Braga, who want to make their musical and / or cultural project known.


When visiting the Sé La Vie you will discover an alternative space, which breathes music and is open to all types of culture. In the drinks you will also notice a curiosity: the fines are all from international beers. A Dutchman - Bavaria, a German - Paulaner and a Belgian - Kapitel.

To accompany the drinks there are also some snacks such as toast, tortilla, vegetarian hamburger and a plate of cheese and sausages.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4HZ5HyuuT4HLrAJw7

Mal Amado - A very desired bar!

Mal Amado emerged thanks to the union of two childhood friends. Tiago and Vitor embraced the possibility of having a space on Rua da Sé Catedral and created a bar to suit their needs.


Mal Amado opened its doors in 2016 and assumes itself as a slightly industrial and careful space that serves a bit of everything, cares about whoever visits it and, at the same time, proves to be welcoming and comfortable.

The whole bar was totally designed by the pair of friends, taking advantage of the best characteristics of each one: Vítor focuses more on the bar and drinks and Tiago destines the creations of furniture and the design part of the space.


Mal Amado is here to stay and promises to offer Braga (and more!) A special moment to the sound of good music and personalized drinks.

Don't be fooled by the name, as Mal Amado is actually a very desired bar.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wn8hL6Z1SkhdVE7y6

06 from December from 2019

Catarina MirandaAdministrative assistant

Here are some night spots to enjoy a nice drink!

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