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Carlo Monteiro

After several years in the textile industry, Carlo Monteiro felt it was time to change branches, 2009 was this year!


Although I always worked in the commercial area, the truth is that I had never worked in real estate. However, from the moment you embraced real estate with the Remax Group, you knew it would be the career of your life!


Since then, they add up awards as recognition for their work. Therefore, in 2010 and 2011 was considered the # 1 seller in Braga, and in 2012 and 2013 raised the level becoming the # 1 seller in Portugal, already with 4 elements in his team.


In 2015 two more assistants come to work with Carlo and this is where a big change is generated, the entrance to KW GRUPO BUSINESS. It was at this moment that the Carlo Monteiro Team won for the 7th consecutive time the highest national prize within the agency, being the number 1 real estate consultant in Europe.


More recently, due to the need for growth and technological advancement, the Business Group leaves KW and moves forward with a new 100% national project, ZOME REAL ESTATE!


Always focused on the customer, Team Carlo Monteiro also embraces this new project, becoming one of the 1,000 consultants that integrate this new brand.


Since joining the Zome project, the Carlo Monteiro Team has sought to achieve the highest level of recognition within the company. We were convinced that 2020 would be the year that we would achieve it and so it was! At the beginning of the year and with the impact of the covid, everyone's life changed radically and we realized that this would be the biggest challenge faced to date.


However, our biggest motivator had gained even more importance, helping people, our customers in these difficult times, made us redouble our effort and dedication.


At the end of the year, we had achieved the “Epic Star” award, a historic milestone that represented a turnover of 1 million euros. More important than the monetary value is undoubtedly recognizing that our commitment and commitment have made us help a greater number of people to realize their dreams!


“Our business is made from people to people… Nothing is more rewarding than entering people's lives and helping them to be happy! “


Carlo Monteiro

A young man from Braga is the home sales champion in Portugal

At a time when the country was going through one of the biggest crises ever, Carlo Monteiro stands out for being the largest real estate seller nationwide, a feat achieved in less than four years working in real estate.

Las Vegas Prize! "Carlo Monteiro among the best agents in the world!"

After seeing his work recognized nationally several times, Carlo Monteiro was awarded in Las Vegas. With this achievement, who is already the No. 1 national sales, joins the list of the best in the world!

Cover at Forbes Portugal Magazine 2018 "Real Estate Boom"

Carlo Monteiro is one of the best real estate consultants in the market! Over the past 3 years, Carlo has led a team of 15 people that has carried out 604 real estate transactions with a cumulative value of 62 million euros.

"What can we say about the Carlo Monteiro Team?
They are successful because they are competent and extremely professional!"

Thierry & Elaine
Owners clientes

"Everything was very, very simple... Without a doubt the best decision we made and we were without a doubt in great hands!"

Joana Torres
Owner Client

"We would definitely choose again Carlo Monteiro´s team ... both for the purchase and the sale of a property!"

Pedro & Sílvia
Owners Clients

"Our house was advertised in a very innovative way, with very good photographs and without a doubt it makes all the difference!"

Francisco & Teresa
Owners Clients

"I was surprised by the proposal of the Carlo Monteiro! It was different from all the others that had been presented to me."

António Faria
Enterprise Builder - Sinçães Residências

"If we saw a house even if it was from another real estate to contact. And that's what happened, we saw a house that we liked another real estate we called the Team and we bought it!"

Helena Marques & Bruno Mota
Factory Worker - Portuguese Air Force Officer

"I would dare say that anyone who wants to make their dreams come true should contact the Carlo Monteiro Team!"

Elvira Araújo
Owner client

"Whenever I had any questions or concerns, they were always ready to help!"

Daniel Pereira
Randstad Trainer - Buyer Client

"They were immediately available in every aspect from the first contact..."

Kindergarten teacher

"He stopped being just a real estate agent and turned to a friend, a close person who wanted to help us!"

Marisa & Carlos
Hairdressing Managers - Double M

"Buying my car was a lot more complicated than buying my house ..."

Fausto Torres & Sandra Sá
CEO & Founder Signed - Design & Web

"The accompaniment the Team gave us was essential!"

Helena Marques & Bruno Mota
Factory Worker - Officer of the Portuguese Air Force

"I had a huge problem on my hands and the Team helped me solve it! Alone and being at the University, I wouldn't be able to do it."

Luís Silva
University student

"Whenever someone tells us about buying or selling a home, the reference is always the same, Carlo Monteiro!"

Marisa & Carlos
Hairdressing Managers - Double M

"I was very happy, the publicity was very well done, the photos very well achieved and the process very well organized!"

Elvira Araújo
Owner client

Want to be aware of the real estate news in Portugal?

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