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The City of Braga offers visitors a rich, juicy and varied cuisine, following the tradition of several generations. The diversity of the natural landscape and the influences received over centuries from other people explain the multiplicity of gastronomic specialties.


The culinary art in Braga is famous not only for the variety of menus, but above all for the care and freshness in its preparation.


Here are some of the many restaurants you should visit in Braga.

Delight in tradition and sit at Grandma's house!

Dona Elvira

With a stunning view of the Cávado River, an elegant space and traditional dishes to eat and cry for more, this is the combination that makes the restaurant Dona Elvira a reference in the gastronomic panorama of Minho.


At Dona Elvira you can enjoy the good food, hospitality and tranquility of the typical Minho landscape, combined with the comfort, modernity and simplicity that the space offers.




Tia Isabel

A good meal is in the dish and in the service.

In the Tia Isabel restaurant, located in the heart of Minho, we have the tradition of Portuguese regional gastronomy combined with refinement.





Friends Restaurante Bar

A little further from the center of Braga, this is the ideal place for those who want to dine in an elegant, calm and cozy place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Refinement, elegance, modernity and tranquility are some of the adjectives that best describe this restaurant.


From the service it provides to the preparation of its dishes, the pride in its cooking with passion and method, Friends strives for the welfare of the customer and brings us back to childhood memories through the desserts presented. Try it and you will realize what we are talking about!

Here you will find a line of flavors, experiences, and empirical knowledge with good ingredients wrapped in moments and presentations.


At Friends Restaurante travel a journey between the sea and the earth!






As the name implies, the space of this restaurant is perfectly retro. Almost everything has history here, leading us to a memory of the past, such as a lamp on the counter that came straight from the old CTT, the black board of an elementary school, the famous china dog that our grandparents have in the room, and even the iconic Mayan bee that was for years on Rua do Souto. When you enter Retrokitchen these elements will not go unnoticed.

It is also impossible not to peek through the green gate, due to the environment you see when you pass the street. Despite having the door closed do not shrink!


The food is simple and homey, as is the atmosphere, until we forget that we are in a restaurant, and suddenly it seems that we are at home with friends.







The Crossing is one of those places where we easily get carried away to the sensory memories of the old days, where a good treat and a good conversation were the dish of the day. With the commitment to bring to their customers a kitchen that honors their grandparents and, consequently, that very good and homesick food.


The Crossing proposes a rediscovery of those aromas and flavors that are most familiar to us.




Félix Taberna

Upon entering Felix Taberna, we have the feeling that we are entering our grandmother's house. The "vintage" decoration is simple but of careful detail; There are a number of objects from other times, typewriters, radios, lamps, which decorate the space and give it a romantic and kitschy feel.


The food served here appeals to memory and the past, and the menu is filled with traditional dishes from the Minho region.

The service is relaxed but personalized and the hostess welcomes us with open arms as if our aunt were concerned.




Restaurante Dona Júlia

For those who choose the traditional flavors of Minho, this is certainly a restaurant to consider. A space that presents visitors with 3 different rooms, each with its own personality.

Here the food is still served in clay bowls that contrast with a modern space.





Recently established in Braga, Kartilho proposes an experience of total symbiosis between pasture and vineyard.

With a kitchen that gives primacy to meat and, more specifically, to mature meat, bringing to the table the taste of simple things.





Arcoense was founded 30 years ago and is distinguished not only for the product and quality it embraces, but also for its own production of bisaro pork.

With a well-prepared and diverse menu and excellent service that invites you back, Arcoense is a cool space that honors and respects the typical Portuguese dishes - it's like having lunch or january at your grandmother's house.






Sources: webraga.pt





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Catarina MirandaAdministrative assistant

As you enter here you will feel at Grandma's house!

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