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Do you know what the Caderneta Predial is and what it is for? These are bureaucratic issues, but if you are thinking of buying, selling or renting your house, it is essential that you know all the information available to avoid any surprises.


This document is essential and can be useful to calculate the amounts to be paid under the taxes charged by municipalities and the State (IMI - Municipal Tax on Real Estate; IMT - Municipal Tax on Costly Property Transfers and Stamp Duty on purchase), since it is in this register that you can also consult the Taxable Asset Value (VPT).

What is the Predial Booklet?

The Land Registry is a property document for each property, as if it were an identification document. It is issued by the Tax Authority (AT) and is also called a Matrix Certificate, being an essential document for the transaction of a property or its deed.


The Urban and Rustic Building Book contains data such as:


  • Identification of the building: district, county, parish and matrix article (number assigned by the Finance Department to the building);
  • Building location: complete and detailed address or place;
  • Building confrontations: in the case of land (North/South; East/West)
  • Description of the building: type of building (which is the ownership regime), detailed description of the property, allocation, number of floors, typology/divisions (if applicable);
  • Building areas: total area of ​​land, deployment area and others that are worth mentioning;
  • In the case of Autonomous Fractions: indication of the corresponding letter;
  • Autonomous fraction: indication of the corresponding letter;
  • Identification of the autonomous fraction: indication of the floor, as well as the location of the fraction;
  • Elements of the fraction: affect or purpose for which it is intended (housing, services, commerce, etc.) typology, permilage and number of floors of the fraction;
  • Fraction areas: private gross area and dependent gross area;
  • Property valuation data (same for houses/apartments/land, etc): year of registration in the matrix, current Tax Asset Value (VPT) of the fraction and the respective attribution date and formula used to calculate the VPT;
  • Holders: tax identification, name and address.

In what situations do you need the Building Book?

In order to formalize all associated bureaucracies, it is necessary to present the Building Booklet:


  • If you are going to buy or sell or lease a property;
  • To apply for a mortgage loan;
  • Obtain the house's energy certificate or enter into water/electricity contracts;
  • It is also used to calculate some property-related taxes, such as the Taxable Patrimonial Value (VPT), Municipal Property Tax (IMI) and the Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT).


The added value of this document is that it can also help you to pay less in IMI. Like? It's simple: if your home's VPT is out of date, the amount to be paid for this tax may be higher than the actual amount you should be paying. You can request a revaluation request using IMI Model 1 at the property's tax office.

How can I get the Land Booklet?

There are two ways to apply for the Caderneta Predial: in person or online. This document has the same legal status regardless of the form in which it is requested.


On the one hand, you can go to a tax office and request the Land Registry for your property. To do this, you just need to present your identification document and through your NIF, the finances know which properties you own. The issuance of the document by the Tax Office has an associated cost.


On the other hand, you can comfortably access the Finance Portal and request this document via the Internet. The online order is free.


For that just:


  • Access the Finance Portal through your access code (which is the same used to fill in the IRS);
  • Select > All Services;
  • Go to the option > Building and click on > Consult Property Heritage;
  • Opens a new page with all the properties you own;
  • Then, you must select the land register of the property you want and save or print the PDF document.


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Source: zome.pt

27 from July from 2021

Sara MartinsMarketing Assistant

The Building Book is essential for the process of buying and selling a house but can be useful for other situations. Know what this document is, what information it contains, and how to use it.

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