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Old drawers? Give them a new life with these practical tips

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to make your home beautiful and full of character? Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and skill to turn forgotten objects into true works of art. This is the case with old drawers, which are often discarded without thinking twice. But, with some innovative ideas and a touch of color and style, they can become unique pieces to decorate your home.


Yes, an old cupboard can be your best ally when decorating the walls at home, but also for small decorative objects that you've always looked for in stores but where you've never found 'the one'.


To help you give old drawers a new life, here are some tips to apply at home.

Old drawers as bookshelves

Whether they are fully suspended, hung on the wall, or even resting on the floor, as if they were a cupboard, old drawers can be the salvation for your blank, white walls. You are able to create corners and transform the drawers into shelves and cabinets and place the most varied objects - from decorative elements, to books or plants.


Does it work? For sure! All you need is a little creativity and models of inspiration like the ones you have in wall decoration stores and that you can easily adapt as a drawer.

Custom jewelry boxes

An old drawer is perfect for creating a personalized jewelry box, and we have two ideas: horizontal and vertical.


Horizontally, you just need to create dividers to place your jewellery, whereas vertically, there is the possibility of more customization. You can place small shrimps to hang earrings or necklaces, and even place some kind of bar to have all the bracelets visible and tidy.

Base for decorative piece

You know those zen gardens that serve as a decoration piece? With pebbles or sand? You can use a drawer to make your own personalized piece. Buying the base, you can then choose decorative elements or even opt for a mini flowerbed with cacti or succulents.

Transforms drawers into a bedside table

The idea of an entire piece of furniture for a bedside table is outdated for many, but something minimalist can still come in handy for your cell phone and that book you like to read before bed, isn't it true? So take advantage of a single old nightstand drawer. Choose the colors and then just decide if you want the hole in the drawer facing up, so that everything is more snug and nothing falls out, or if you want it the other way around with a flat base.

kitchen board

If the drawer is quite smooth, and with few edges in front of it, it could be the ideal piece to be your next kitchen tray. In addition, having a higher edge will prevent objects from slipping when you transport them.

We've already given you ideas of what to do with old drawers but now comes the part after the idea: the DIY. Although there is no general checklist that tells you what to do to recycle old drawers, here are two tips that will certainly make a difference.


  • Check the drawer material. An old drawer can either have rotten wood or be in excellent condition - it just depends on how it was conserved;
  • Bet on new paint (or sanding the piece) - unless you want to keep it 'raw', using paint in the color you like best is always a great idea to recycle an old drawer. It will look like new!


Once this is done, DIY is really free and at the mercy of your imagination. Add sparkles, doorknobs, buttons, letters or even wallpaper to cover the background. Recycling old drawers is easy after all, the hard part is choosing which idea to go with.


Source: Idelista. 

05 from May from 2023

Sara MartinsMarketing Assistant

Do you have an old closet that you want to throw away? Think twice and find out how to use old drawers for new decoration.

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