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Braga is a city of great tradition and rich in conventual sweets. The variety of sweets, pastries and cakes is endless. As we stroll through the streets of the city, we encounter a considerable amount of sweets and pastries that, in most cases, preserve a recipe with more than 7 or 8 generations of existence, surviving the passing of fashions and the extinction of nunneries in the City.


We invite you to taste the most symbolic sweets in our city. You can find them in the cafés with History of Braga, the oldest and most emblematic.


Typical of Braga and created between the end of the century. XIX and beginning of the century. This sweet is traditionally eaten and celebrated on the 22nd of January, at the feasts of S. Vicente and on the 19th of March, for the feasts of S. Lázaro and also to celebrate Father's Day.


Moletinhos are a kind of sweet rolls that are usually eaten for breakfast, brushed with egg and sprinkled with sugar.

During the pilgrimages of S. Vicente and S. José de S. Lázaro it is common to see several vendors of Moletinhos next to the churches. Also sold in many of the city's pastry shops, they have to be eaten by hand, that is, hand cut with a knife, to prevent the dough from drying out quickly.


Fidalguinhos are a dry biscuit, with a hint of cinnamon and lemon, ideal for those rainy afternoons when we stay at home and decide to have a coffee.

Originating in the recipe of the Convent of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, these cookies have a curious shape. They are thin and intertwined, thus representing the legs of the ancient hereditary nobles, the nobles, who had little or nothing to do to make life go well for them.

Pudim Abade de Priscos

It is, without a doubt, the most celebrated and recognized sweet of Braga's conventual sweets.

Created in the century. XIX by Manuel Joaquim Rebelo, who for about 50 years was the Abbot of Priscos, this pudding is a true delicacy of the Gods.


The story goes that the Abbot of Priscos was quite talented with regard to cuisine, with a refined palate, which combined with a vast knowledge of spices and spices, created dishes of great creativity and flavor. In such a way that at the time of the visit of King D. Luís I to the north of Portugal, at the end of the century. In the 19th century, Abado was invited to cook a banquet for the royal family. During the banquet, the Abbot of Priscos cut some straw that served the king; D. Lúis I, astonished by such an act, asked "Straw ?! How dare you serve straw to your King?", To which the Abbot of Priscos replied "Forgive me, Lord, but everyone like straw, the question is how to cook it. there."


The great secret of this pudding and what makes the sweetest most representative of the city, is the use of pork bacon in its making. When cooking the pudding, in addition to sugar, egg yolks and Port wine and lemon, about 50g of fat pork bacon is used. This ingredient gives the pudding a unique flavor and texture, making it a Michelin star worthy delicacy.


Sweet of conventual origin, Tibias are part of the city's imagination and are represented in several patelleries. Light and crispy, sprinkled with sugar, this jam is filled with a very soft pastry cream.

Called Tibia because it has a shape that resembles the bone with the same name, this candy has become a landmark of the conventual sweets from Braga, having already conquered the inhabitants of the city who consume tibias throughout the year.


These small "little boats" of egg candy are of conventual inspiration, created by the nuns of Sameiro, have become a specialty of the city of Braga.

Made of crispy dough, they are shaped into a shape that resembles a boat that is then stuffed with egg and almond jam.


Widows are a conventual sweet taken from the prescription of the Convent of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Created by the Franciscan nuns of the convent, the Widows were missing from the universe of conventual sweets from Braga for many years. For a long time, the monks of the Monastery of Tibães commissioned them from the nuns during the celebrations of São Bento, which took place between March and July, making them the best customers for these sweets.


Over the generations, some of the city's oldest families kept their recipes, thus preserving the gastronomic heritage of Braga. Recently, the Widows were reintroduced into the universe of conventual sweets from Braga by some pastries of the specialty, returning to delight the people of Braga. With crunchy dough and filling of eggs, sugar, almond and cinnamon, this pastry is of a refinement that conquers any taste.



Source: webraga.pt

21 from February from 2020

Catarina MirandaAdministrative Assistent

Delight yourself with the emblematic sweets of the city of the Archbishops

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