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Nowadays pets are like family members and there is no longer any doubt about that. However, with the hot days that are felt, it is not easy for many owners to travel with pets properly.


In this article we have prepared a short list of care to be taken with domestic animals during the summer, whether on getaways across the country, abroad or when you spend more time at home.

1. Pets should drink lots of water

The permanent hydration of pets is the first step to keep them healthy in the hot season, as it helps to regulate their body temperature. According to veterinarians, dogs and cats should ingest, per day, between 80 to 100 ml of water per kilo.


As such, it is important to help the dog drink a lot of water, and one of the best tricks is to leave several drinking fountains with fresh water around the house. Some more playful animals also don't mind gnawing on an ice cube, even though it may seem complicated at first.

2. Protect animals from solar radiation

Like humans, pets must also be protected from solar radiation, particularly at times when it is most intense. By nature, animals will always look for a shady place in your house, whether under the bed, on a table or inside the doghouse.


In any case, it may be pertinent to apply sunscreen to pets - in areas such as the nose, ears or belly. On the pet friendly beaches, let your dog bathe peacefully and enjoy the company of your pet.

Did you know that the temperature of asphalt is always higher than the temperature of the air? It is important to take the dog for a walk during the cooler hours, to avoid burns to the foot pads.


You can, for example, take your dog for a walk first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Pay special attention to the flat-nosed dog breeds, such as French or English bulldogs, which have great difficulty breathing in high temperatures.

4. Wipes for animals: how to use them to refresh

Heat is synonymous with bad odors, which spread very quickly through the home. Wet wipes for pets help to clean up dirt and make them very comfortable.

This is a must-have accessory for dog and cat owners. To disinfect your paws, you should always do it gently and without being authoritarian with your friend.


You should also use a wipe for each paw and another for the fur and areas around the face. For deeper cleanings, it is preferable to bathe the pet with an appropriate shampoo and the water must be lukewarm - between 30 and 35 degrees.

5. Cooling mat: a solution for dogs and cats

This is not a well-known solution, but it promises to protect small and large pets from excessive heat, pleasing both dogs and cats.


Before buying a cooling mat, you should check what dimensions you need to make your dog or cat comfortable.


You can follow the size of the bed you lie on, or measure the area where your four-legged friend spends the most time so that he doesn't have to change his seat accidentally. With just one click, you can buy a cooling mat for dogs and cats online at different stores or even supermarkets.

6. Trimming instead of cutting the fur completely

Cutting a dog's fur is a common habit during the summer for anyone who owns poodles, golden retrievers or shih-tzus. However, instead of cutting the fur completely, it is preferable to cut the ends or just brush when you notice that there is a lot of fur scattered around the house. In this way, the fur does not lose its function and continues to help in the thermoregulation of your pet's body.

7. Internal deworming: in dogs and cats

The heat is more than enough reason for the appearance of fleas and ticks in your animals. Flies and mosquitoes may also appear in the areas of the home where the animal rests. All these pests are carriers of dangerous diseases and allergies.


In any pharmacy or veterinary clinic, it is possible to buy external dewormers for dogs and cats, but it is advisable to reapply an internal dewormer during the hot months. They are a priority and combat eventual situations of anemia and verminoses. Internal dewormers are available on the market as oral pastes or tablets.

8. Traveling with pets: aspects to consider

When preparing for your summer vacation with your four-legged companion, make sure you are looking for hotels or holiday homes that accept pets, make the reservation and you are ready to travel.


Are you traveling by car with your pet? When you park in the service areas, it is advisable to leave a window slightly open, after all, no one wants their animal to die smothered by the heat. In addition, you should look for the best way to transport animals, so that the trip can run smoothly.

As for air travel, make sure that they do not generate anxiety for your pet. For example, you should not sedate him if you travel in the basement. We advise you to read all the conditions for transporting pets in the airline you decide to travel with.


Last but not least, the documents required to travel with a pet (dog, cat or ferret) within the European Union are:


  • European Union Pet Passport, issued by an authorized veterinarian;
    - Microchip or legible identification tattoo, whose application is prior to July 3, 2011;
    - Vaccinated against rabies with one of the vaccines validated by the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary Medicine.


We are sure that this advice will serve as a summer survival manual for those who have pets and are a little disoriented. For other questions, consult your veterinarian.

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Sara MartinsMarketing Assistant

Are you traveling with pets this holiday? Follow the summer care list with your best friends.

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