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Water resources are starting to run out, and we are responsible for preventing that.

Saving water is important for our finances, as well as for the environment… But how can you save?

In this article, Selectra, in collaboration with Carlo Monteiro, has gathered some tips that can help you reduce your water bill while protecting the environment and your resources.

Stay with the best measures to reduce water consumption at home, passing through the bathroom, kitchen and even in the garden.

Tips for saving water at home

Each area of the house has a different consumption of water, although it is used up in all of them. Thus, we indicate different ways to save water according to the division in question.

With most of these tips you don't have to spend money on anything, so you can start saving right away. Lowering water consumption is a responsibility that offers us two things: to prevent this resource from running out, and to pay less every month.

Saving water in the bathroom

One of the parts of the house where you can save more water is in the bathroom, as we use water for everything we do there.


  • Avoid using the toilet as if it were a wastebasket. Know that each flush of the toilet uses between 5 and 20 liters of water;
  • If you put a water bottle filled with sand, for example, into the toilet, it will fill faster, and less water will be used with the pressure that the bottle exerts. This way, you can save up to 2 liters each time you flush the toilet. This savings will always be related to the weight of the bottle, which will make the water level rise, avoiding filling the toilet so much;
  • Choosing a shower instead of an immersion bath will help you save more than 100 liters of water! Imagine how much money you will save!;
  • Every extra minute in the shower spends between 10 and 15 liters of water, hence the importance of having the tap turned off when washing your hands, teeth and while shaving;
  • Have toilets with dual flush buttons and use them correctly;
  • It is important to repair any and all water leaks, as, for example, a broken toilet consumes 200,000 liters every year;
  • A tip that can work very well, and to raise awareness among the younger ones, is to put an hourglass next to the faucet, so they know how much time they have to finish washing their teeth and hands.

Save water in the kitchen

There is a lot of potential to save water in the kitchen. Starting with appliances and ending with taps, we don't always take full advantage of the ability to save water in this part of the house.


Stick with the tips:


  • Do not wash dishes with running water;
  • Use the dishwasher's water-saving program;
  • Do not defrost food in the dishwasher with the water running. This is ideal if you want to receive a high bill;
  • Always choose to wash your dishes in the machine and not wash them manually. You use less water, you know? Always use the dishwasher with its maximum capacity;
  • Be responsible with your water consumption, don't waste it when cleaning or cooking.

Saving water in the garden

In the gardens and also in the swimming pools, there is a greater consumption of water. Therefore, consider these measures to avoid waste:


  • Water it first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon to prevent the water from evaporating. If you do it in the afternoon, when it is hotter, it is likely that half of the water will evaporate, not being applied in the best way;
  • Opt for a “drip” irrigation system, which allows you to save money when compared to more traditional systems;
  • If you are not using the pool, cover it to prevent the water from evaporating, especially in summer with high temperatures;


As you may already be aware, saving water is important but not just to pay less on your bills. Of course, this has its importance, and we all want to reduce costs, but it is important to take into account the environment and saving resources.

Reduction of water consumption and the environment:

Did you know that saving water is related to the environment? Find out why:

  • Portugal has water shortages that are reflected in certain regions with restrictions on consumption in the summer;
  • The lack of water is destroying many ecosystems, causing the death of animals as well as plants;
  • Without water supply, it is impossible to produce the food we consume daily.


Bearing in mind these tips, and applying all of this, it is possible to protect this resource that we are so sorely lacking. As already mentioned, saving water at home is a responsibility of all of us, not only to pay less on the water bill, but also to take care of the planet and ecosystems.

Find out more about how to save water at https://tarifasdeagua.pt 

27 from June from 2022

Diana Marli & Sara MartinsMarketing Assistants

Water-saving gestures are increasingly needed.

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